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Effective Marketing Strategy 2020: Understanding the Relevance of Blogging


Blogging’s relevance has never been part of the debate since it emerged as one of the most impactful forms of digital marketing. However, with the business debacle erupting in 2020, people have started raising their concerns about the relevance of blogging. Well, to put the case to rest before it starts to become part of global debate, we have quoted some of the aspects of blogging that make it super relevant to digital marketing strategies for present times.

Businesses and marketing in 2020 were going phenomenal. Marketers were putting a hand on all types of marketing formats to try the luck of their brand. However, this happy and functioning business industry halted as soon as the coronavirus arrived. In the United States, COVID-19 not only did damage on an economic level but it has urged businesses to rethink the marketing strategies they were planning to use until the end of the current year.

Not only did the coronavirus put a stop to traditional marketing; including in-person meetings and distribution of pamphlets but it also put some of the high-end marketing techniques such as business conferencing and tech shows to rest.

The only form of marketing that is put into practice considering life during the pandemic is digital marketing. For digital marketing, businesses did not have to make their way out of their home and violate the advisories intended to curb the spread of the virus. Instead, with high-speed internet service at home and a making strategy built to tackle the unique problems faced by businesses these days, brands were able to promote their products.

In such times, blogging comes forward as one of the relevant and effective forms of marketing for business during the pandemic. With the high usage of internet and exceeding browsing, the online audience became an avid blog consumer. Therefore, businesses that had put their time and effort into creating time-relevant blogs had high chances to combat the troubles that arrived with the coronavirus debacle.

If you are wondering how blogging was relevant before and after pandemic then here are some of the reasons why:

Portrays Expertise

It is pretty simple. When you start writing about your industry, you began to learn more about it, and when you start publishing about your industry your audience learns more about it. This whole cycle gives out an impression of you being an expert.

By writing blogs related to your industry you eventually get ideas on what more to work on. For instance, when it comes to proficient blogging by putting up views of experts in your blog, you eventually start learning the details about the intensity of your wok.

And when you incorporate your learning into words and then publish it in the form of a blog you fascinate your readers with your knowledge. This way your readers also have a more composed and positive approach towards the products you offer.

Sales, Sales, and More Sales

Blogs that are professionally crafted, burst with knowledge, and have CTA placed effectively, not only bring attention but also sales.

If you are posting blogs on your own website or others i.e. Guest blogs, you are going to earn profit from it. But the main goal of your blogging framework is to catch more audience attention and then reach the sales target.

And the relevance of your blog eventually increases the attainment of your sales target. The more relevant, niche-related, and carefully constructed blog you produce and publish, the more it will fascinate your audience. And once your audience is fascinated and satisfied with what you deliver through words they will eventually reach out to you.

Also, if you are clever enough to place the CTA properly to pursue the audience in getting in touch with you, the more you will increase your chances of selling your product.

Content for Social Media

Aren’t we all just fetching content for social media all the time?

Since the time you have established your identity online, all you are doing is finding the content relevant enough for your social media audience. For this purpose, you have jumped on the bandwagon of the following trends. You might have even tried some confusing stuff that happens online just to impress the young demographic on your social media profiles. But still, all this content either comes out of force or pity.

If you are want to keep your social media profiles closely related to what you sell and portray then blogging will help you.

Not only can you post links to your blog page but you can also take out a few impactful one-liners from your blog to catch the audience’s attention.

Another thing that you can do is that you can write a blog for your social media audience only. Study what type of content your social media followers like to read and give them what they ask for.

This way you can make a loyal fan base for your brand through effective social media blogging.


Blogging is still relevant. Without forcing yourself to try anything and everything that makes its way to marketing formats, make sure you are trying blogging the way its meant to be. In the blog above you will learn how to earn more customers and make your brand more attention-worthy.

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