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Flexible Packaging Is Just Better: Here’s Why


The search for better packaging continues into 2020, but this is the year where it may all come together for your company. Finding the right packaging touches on most of the major areas of your business: marketing, inventory, costs and brand and image. Therefore, when you’ve solved this problem, your company has the chance to flourish as never before. Once you look at the advantages of ePac flexible packaging you will see why it is clearly better than conventional methods. This method of packaging provides solutions for companies in the fields of nutritional supplements, health and beauty, lawn and garden, frozen foods, snack foods, beef jerky and more. Just as importantly, the process provides benefits in the form of a lower impact on our planet, which is important to you, your customers, and your company’s image.

How the Process Works

Thanks to the power of digital printing, flexible packaging is fast, eco-friendly, affordably priced, product-safe, attractive and convenient. You have the options of different types of packaging that fit the needs of your product. Digital printing technology using the HP Indigo 20000 delivers the following innovations:

  • Low printing orders that cut down on inventory demands and waste
  • A fast time to market that gives your company the ability to offer promotions and events on short notice
  • No plate fees in the printing process that reduces costs
  • Low impact on the Earth thanks to recyclable films
  • Variable imaging that boosts shelf appeal and links to company loyalty programs

The bottom line is that sustainable flexible packaging checks off nearly all of the things you’ve desired for packaging. The containers lock in freshness with an air tight seal and have the ability to control moisture levels. The containers provide full customization due to the quick adaptability of digital printing. The time for shipment once an order has been received is reduced to between 10 to 15 days, depending upon packaging style.

How Flexible Packaging Benefits Your Company

Creative, attractive packaging looks good on store shelves or when it comes in the mail. Unique imagery, in full color graphics, promotes your brand and adds sheen to your company’s image, as does the lower environmental impact. Costs are reduced all along the line, from lower shipping expenses to easier inventory management to reduced waste. Digital printed pouches can be ordered in a variety of dimensions that fit your product size, thereby using less materials. These are just a few of the ways flexible packaging is better than conventional methods, which are harder on the environment, cost more and are less versatile.

Products in flexible packaging include lay-flat and stand up pouches and roll stock. The roll stock has a super fast time to market of 10 days and uses a lamination process that doesn’t use solvents. A variety of pouch options allow for child-resistant packaging and seals that lock in freshness before and after purchase. Flexible packaging centers are spread throughout the U.S., further reducing costs and environmental impact with reduced transportation. Learn more about how the digital printing revolution in the flexible packaging industry strengthens your company.

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