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Why It’s So Important To Keep Your Data Centre Clean

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The server room or data centre, is often the beating heart of a business, and while your first priority may be to try and prevent data loss or cyber crimes from occurring, there is another safety and security element that should be equally as important: technical cleaning.

The physical safety of the hardware that forms such an integral part of your business, should be taken as seriously as cybersecurity and disaster recovery plans when it comes to protecting your business, as it can pose just as big a threat. With the help of companies like C4 Commercial Cleaning in Surrey, you can ensure that your data centre is as clean as a whistle, and just as safe.

Not convinced you need technical cleaning? Read on:

The importance of keeping a data centre clean

A mind boggling array of potentially harmful contaminants, such as dust, dirt, skin particles, zinc and metal fibres, can easily build up on your servers, computers and cabling over time; each with the capacity to hamper the centres ability to function normally. Another contaminant that can wreak havoc in a data centre when technical cleaning isn’t carried out, are those particles brought into a data centre on the shoes of employees (which often make up to around 80% of airborne particles found in such an environment), which despite being microscopic in size, can build up over time and cause a spike in the temperature of hardware of up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. An increase like this can cause a device to fail on a huge scale, which will inevitably result in massive downtime and loss of data.

Dust and grime are also a significant fire hazard in a data centre, as when dust accumulates and combines with static electricity (which it inevitably will), it has the potential to start a fire that could be devastating for a business.

Should you clean the data centre yourself?

While you might think cleaning to be a simple task that can be carried out in the same way in any environment, this couldn’t be further from the truth. A professional company such as C4 Commercial Cleaning in Surrey will employ different tactics and use different tools and methods to get each unique space clean in the most effective way possible. In terms of data centres, it’s imperative that while carrying out technical cleaning, cables or hardware are not disturbed, as this can have catastrophic consequences for the business as a whole, and only those who have been trained to clean such equipment, should ever be employed to take on the task.

So, if you don’t want to make life easier for yourself by hiring C4 Commercial Cleaning in Surrey, and choose to tackle the cleaning of your data centre yourself, you should never do the following things:

  • sweep inside your data centre as this will cause particles to become airborne and move them from the floor, to the surfaces of your hardware.
  • clean the floor with a dry mop that has not been used anywhere else to limit the spread of harmful particles. Replace the mop regularly.
  • Only use products that are safe for cleaning hardware, and never use water or household cleaning products anywhere in the data centre.

To keep your data safe and protected from contaminants, try the services of C4 Commercial Cleaning in Surrey, who guarantee to treat your technical equipment, with the respect it deserves.

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