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What You Need To Know About 7K Metals

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7K Metals provides rare collectible coins and custom jewelry made from precious metals. To get access to these, you need to become a member by signing up for an annual membership – the Monthly Autosaver Access program delivers one coin per month right to your door.

Anyone who is interested in starting a precious metals collection as a hedge against inflation could benefit from 7K Metals products, but the company itself is about much more than just their products.

7K Metals members are broken down into 2 groups – customers and associates. Customers get access to a wide variety of precious metals products from 7K Metals through the monthly autosaver plan.

An associate is a customer who has these benefits, but also decides to market and sell 7K Metals memberships to potential customers. They do this not only themselves, but also by establishing a network of other associates whom they promote.

How It Works

When a customer becomes an associate, they go out and market 7K Metals to two people. When these two people like what they hear and decide to jump on board, the associate now has two people on their team – one on their right, and one on their left. These two people are now themselves associates as well, and they go out and do the same thing. This is how the network is established.

Points accrue when anyone in the associate’s network sells a membership. Each membership gains them 100 points. When 500 points are reached, providing that two-thirds of them came from the sales of memberships, the associate receives a commission.

Not only that, but every time an associate in their network makes a commission, they receive a 5% matching bonus.

It isn’t just membership sales that accrue points, either. Every time someone in the network purchases a coin of the month, they receive an additional 20 points, helping them work their way further towards their commission.

Any leftover points – up to 500 – can be carried over into the next pay period.

Saving On Travel and Vacation

Beyond getting access to a rare collection of precious metals products and building a dedicated network of associates who can help attain commissions, members of 7K Metals also have access to a personal travel savings portal and associated discount dollars. This means they can find the best deals on various vacation spots and save money while enjoying their time off.


  • Question: Do you have to be a member to purchase 7K Metals products? ● Answer: No, but you get far better deals as a member. You can purchase products on their website and check out as a guest.
  • Question: What is the Autosaver Program?
  • Answer: It is a program designed to put your savings on autopilot, so to speak. By getting your curated collectibles delivered to you every month, 7K Metals makes it easier for you to save.
  • Question: Is it difficult to cancel your membership?
  • Answer: No. It’s as easy as sending an email requesting to cancel, and 7K Metals will do so.
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