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Using a Real Estate Attorney to Settle Disputes

Real Estate Attorney

We all know that disputes will happen from time to time. This is especially true when dealing with real estate.

Even if you do everything right, the other party you are dealing with could cause issues. Since real estate disputes are common, it is important to seek the representation and guidance of an experienced Arizona real estate attorney when you are faced with a dispute.

When to Use an Attorney

There are common disputes that can come up during a real estate transaction. These disputes oftentimes need to be taken to court, costing you time and extra financial resources. With the help of a skilled real estate attorney on your side, you can resolve these disputes as quickly as possible.

Working with a real estate attorney is especially beneficial when it comes to paying attention to issues that can occur such as zoning issues, environmental hazards, changes in terms, or conditions of mortgages, and any potential issues with the title and real estate taxes.

During real estate transactions, contracts are always used and when one of the parties tries to break the contract, it is considered a breach of contract. Doing so without legal ground will raise a dispute. If you can prove the other party broke the contract, you will usually win the settlement.

Part of the contract should contain an area disclosing any problems that are present with the property that is being purchased. If the selling party fails to disclose any issues, especially during the buying process and in the contract, this is another reason for a dispute.

Another reason for real estate dispute issues is a zoning restriction. Maybe you are building on the property that has zoning restrictions and you want to build something that is not allowed due to these restrictions. Speak with an attorney to settle the dispute and always get advice before purchasing any property with zoning restrictions.

Real estate disputes are never fun to deal with, but luckily, your real estate attorney can also assist you during real estate disputes. These issues can be very stressful and time-consuming and unfortunately, they can occur at any stage of the transaction. Your real estate attorney will be the one to help resolve these disputes, while always keeping your best interests in mind.

Working with the Law Team at MC Attorneys

Serving the greater Phoenix area in Arizona, MC Attorneys specialize in real estate law, assisting you and providing you legal guidance through all of the stages of a real estate transaction, including disputes. At MC Attorneys, you will be working closely with an experienced real estate attorney who works diligently and aggressively to win your case.

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