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Why business administrators need much more thanmath and money managing skills

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In the early days of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, it’s fair to say that the focus was very heavily on quantitative analysis(especially in fields such as finance and operations). This,in turn,led to the view among many feet-on-the ground businesspeople that MBA graduates were little more than glorified bean counters and bottom-line watchers. While they were obsessing about data, real managers were facing multiple challenges in the real world, from effective marketing management to strategic management to organizational change management.

Fast forward to the present, and you’ll rapidly discover that lessons have been learned in the best MBA degree courses and that’s all radically changed for the better. Managing people is not at all like managing money, and good managers have to be able to do both. A business without the talents and hard work of the people who keep it alive is unlikely to have much money to manage anyway, so people management and leadership are key requisites for modern business administrators.

The highly-rated online MBA degree available at Kettering University (one of the top engineering and business learning centers in the world)includes an option for students tocomplete the entire program of studywithin a single year. It also exemplifies just how encompassing a good MBA degree must be. Yes, financial management remains a core discipline, but so do other vital business management disciplinessuch as strategic management, international business management, waste-zapping ‘lean manufacturing’, project and change management, and managing people and organizations.

The online MBA at universitiessuch as Kettering will help hone those talents. It also offers students access not only to a learning community but also to an extensive alumni network. As careers mature, that alumni network can grow in value and utility every bit as much as a graduate’s experiential, on-the-job learning will. You can continue to draw on their experience and expertise over the longerterm, seeking their counsel not only when you’re starting out in your new business administration career but also later on – for instance,whenyou find yourself considering a major new departure, such as branching out into executive coaching.

Future business career prospects are enhanced with an MBA. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects show that openings for top business management executives will expand by 8% over the coming five years. A high-quality MBA makes you a strong candidate for such roles.

Organizations need intelligent, hardworking people armed with prized knowledge to occupy business administration roles.While some people may be born with leadership capabilities, or develop them naturally through life experiences, they also need to be refined for business settings.

Noone is born with today’s requisite skills in organizing, planning and analyzing business activities. Noone is born with innate knowledge of the systems and methods necessary for lean manufacturing. However, these are all domains of invaluableknowledgethat graduates from a high-grade, rigorous online MBA degree can expect to bring with them into their next business administration role.

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