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When should I replace the filter of my air conditioner?

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Before talking about the useful life of the filter of best AC in India, we have to explain its importance for the device and also for the health of people exposed to air conditioning, read our post on the subject. Filters are essential to maintain the proper functioning of the equipment and the quality of the air we breathe. Filters that are dirty or damaged at the time of use prevent the correct airflow, forcing the system and reducing the performance of the air conditioning. In the case of being in poor condition, it will not let enough airflow through, so that the air conditioning is not adequate. Maybe by simply replacing it, you will get a performance like before in this regard.

Remove the Dirt First

The dirt accumulated in the filters is responsible for the proliferation of fungi and bacteria within the system. And unlike what many think, it is not the air conditioning that causes health problems and aggravates respiratory diseases, but the lack of cleanliness. In addition, the accumulated dirt prevents the passage of air and forces the motor, consuming more energy. What determines if it is time to change the air conditioning filters is the way the device is used, that is, the type of place where it is installed, the contamination and the number of people and animals to which it is exposed.

Check the Filter

To know if it is time to change, it is necessary to remove it from the evaporator, wash it, and analyze its conditions. To do this, open the evaporator cover, slightly lift the filter to unhook the bottom, and pull it towards you to unhook the top. To wash you can use soap and water, preferably draining from the inside to the outside of the filter, facilitating the removal of dirt from it, see here with more details how to clean the air conditioning, it is recommended to clean the filters every month in times of heavy use, and every two months in times of little or no use.

A filter that is in good working order will return to its original air conditioner after cleaning and, if it no longer works, will show dark spots. The metal and nylon filters can be cleaned every two months, but the carbon filters are practically disposable and there is no way to clean them. Remember that a dirty filter damages your health, the environment, and even increases energy consumption. Some air conditioning manufacturers have already included a feature in their equipment systems that warn the user when to clean and when to change the filter.

If you have a branded air conditioner then it is possible that a high-quality filter has been used in your air conditioner. So if you are going to buy a new Air Conditioner then it is advisable to make a good research online. If you want to learn more then you can also read home appliance reviews to get a better idea.

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