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What things should we keep in Mind while finding a Business Name?


One of the most important decisions to start your own business is choosing a suitable company name. However, you should not only consider which company name is appealing and easy to remember, but also consider legal aspects. The good name plays a decisive role, especially when founding a company. But before you get started and look around for a suitable company name or logo, you should be able to answer the question: “Are you a businessman or entrepreneur with a legal entry in the commercial register?” With a hearty “Yes”.

Your Business Name should not violate any law

On the way to independence, there is also the question of the future company name. However, you are not entirely free to choose a name or the name that you want to use publicly. The legal form also plays a role in the decision for a company name. When finding the name, make sure that you do not infringe any trademark rights with the name. Using the business name generator for creative ideas is a great way to find a unique name. A great company name is more valuable than most people think. At the latest when there is a mix-up, its financial importance becomes obvious: A legal dispute then seems almost inevitable. To avoid this situation, you should check your ideal company name.

Choose a fancy name to make it memorable

It would be better to also choose a fancy name that is well memorized by the customer and allows a differentiation from the competition. Especially if you want to work internationally, you should also use the international names consider. You can clearly emphasize the fantasy name on your business documents, without this being contrary to commercial law. Company names, even if unknowingly “stolen” damage not only your image, but also your company. Anyone who sits down in the nettles with the company name must seriously ask themselves how to proceed.

The determination of the name for your company name is influenced on the one hand by legal requirements. On the other hand, many entrepreneurs strive to find a company name that is as creative and concise as possible. For many start-ups, this is not absolutely necessary if the company is not primarily to achieve a strong image impact. But above all for business ideas on the Internet, the company name is particularly trend-setting for the associated domain name. This requires a thorough naming.

The business name may be an informal name, without the addition of the legal form or direct reference to the registered company name. Sometimes it is also called “establishment name”. Basically, this is used for external communication: website, marketing and branding. In most cases, customers only know the business name, but not the company name, including the legal form. Regardless of which company name you choose, the rule applies: How you ultimately name your company in everyday life is up to you as long as you do not violate any third party rights.

Ask yourself these questions and try to find the answers

To find the perfect name for your company, you should ask yourself a few questions. Take your time finding your name, because your company name will be with you for a long time. We would like to introduce you to some questions here, but the list is not exhaustive.

  • What corporate purpose pursued my company?
  • Which trade and trademark law regulations do I have to observe?
  • How can a fancy name be visually appealing in a logo?
  • Does my desired name have enough meaning?
  • Is the name short and easy to remember?
  • Is there a free domain for the name?
  • How distinctive is the name compared to other companies in the same industry?
  • Due to my legal form, does my own name have to be integrated into the company name?

Your Company name must have these qualities

  • Your business name must certainly be different from other organization names.
  • So, the chosen name must not be deceptive
  • A legal form addition should be available if necessary
  • It should be memorable, sleek and easy to remember and understand
  • It must not violate any trademark or name rights of third parties
  • Basically it must be unique

Make a note of keywords that best reflect your company and personality. You can use online business name generator to reduce the risk of subsequent injunctive relief and possibly also damages claims, to avoid a later, costly change of the company name, for example if you recognize that your name is not optimally perceived by the customers and to avoid the risk that the company name is no longer appropriate when your product or service range changes.

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