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Watch the indicators to switch towards outsourcing fulfilments!


Every business has its own success story and a different growth structure. Most of them hit the chord on a first go and are on the top within a month. And some take years to climb the ladder of success. But all these businesses do consider outsourcing their fulfilment services at some point or another. But the question here is — When is the right time to do so? You wouldn’t want to be early in outsourcing so that you bear loses, while being delayed may keep you in a fix for long.

Ø When is the right time to switch for outsourcing your fulfillments?

It’s normal for every business to pack, deliver and manage the product deliveries during the initial years. But slowly and steadily, you’d require help from an outside agency for order fulfilment. Pikpak is such a company that provides the best warehousing and order fulfilment services as per your need in the best possible way. Read below the indicators that convey — it’s time to outsource your fulfilment to a third party.

o Uneven sales — If the orders you get each year keeps fluctuating (sudden spike and then a lull), then it’s useless to maintain a warehouse. You can as well hire a company which would look into your orders when you require them.

o You’re busier than a bee —If your work is piling up and all you are doing is checking the deliveries and packing them, switch now! A professional warehousing company would be more than eager to take some responsibility off your shoulders and deliver your goods to your customers proficiently.

o You want to extend horizons — With time, if you are lucky enough, your business will soon outreach your boundaries. And when there are customers from other cities and countries, you’ll obviously want to switch to a company that knows about dealing with them all. Bonus note — opt for the one that has branches in various zones for swift order fulfilment.

o Your orders outgrow your storage space — Who knew the area you rented for your business would soon seem to be so small? If your orders are more and the space to manage them is less, switch to outsourcing them to professionals! They’ll happily fit in your orders and tackle them easily in their specialised, vast area designed for the purpose.

o Your warehouse labour costs go beyond your budget — When the rent of your warehouse is increasing and even the salary of staff with the machines are going beyond your budget, immediately outsource it. Believe us, these third party companies charge you way less than what goes in managing and running your own warehouse.

o You’re getting too many customer complaints on packaging and delivering — If your customers aren’t any more content with your packaging arrangements and delivery timings, switch to outsourcing the service now. These companies are experts in handling, packaging and delivering all kinds of stuff and therefore know the criteria of a successful delivery (that’s on time too!).

Most of the business owners switch to outsourcing their fulfilment needs after they are stable in the market and are at least a year old. Though even this is acceptable as a benchmark, but it’s better to make this essential decision only after the above-mentioned factors are considered.

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