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Travelling Checklist – Things You Must Pack In Your Bag While Travelling India

Travelling Checklist

The tourism sector of India is estimated to be valued at US$ 492 billion by 2028. The substantial market capitalisation of this sector can be attributed to the diversity of the country, as there are plenty of famous places in India suiting the needs of all kinds of tourists (both residents and foreigners).

Planning such trips to various beautiful places in India requires extensive research regarding the location, mode of travel, duration of stay, etc. Individuals should also determine essential things to pack in this regard as well, as it affects the quality of travel significantly.

Things to pack while travelling to famous holiday destinations in India

  1. Medicines

Carrying appropriate medication is essential for any trip, regardless of the location of travel. Deteriorating health, even in the best tourist places, can lead to an unpleasant experience, especially for individuals suffering from serious health complications such as high blood pressure or diabetes.

Also, travelling to remote regions of the country might reduce your chances of obtaining medicine from the place of travel in the event of ill health. You might have to purchase medication at a higher cost, depending upon the destination.

  1. Identity proof

Carrying all relevant KYC documents for identity proof is a must while travelling to tourist destinations in India, for all related hotel bookings and booking tickets for travel. It is also an important document to be furnished to enter certain sightseeing spots in the country.

Nonetheless, losing such important documents might lead to identity theft, wherein an individual can lose out on substantial wealth and be subjected to other legal challenges. To be protected in the event of such an unfortunate event, individuals should opt for an identity theft insurance cover.

  1. Charging device

The charging device is an essential item to pack while undertaking a vacation to any of the famous places in India. Such portable or wired chargers allow individuals to stay in touch with their respective families back home, as well as coordinate the hotel bookings made for the trip.

Individuals often lose out their charger back home while packing in a hurry, forcing them to purchase a backup at higher costs during the trip. To avoid such situations, it is advisable to pack a portable power bank beforehand.

Additionally, you can avail a mobile charger insurance cover to receive reimbursement for repair or replacement of an expensive charger from authorised centres, in case it is damaged during transit.

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  1. Proper clothing and footwear

Depending upon the weather of a place and nature of the trip, adequate clothing items and shoes should be packed for a comfortable vacation.

For instance, a trekking vacation calls for appropriate trekking shoes and warm clothes. Also, while on such trips, individuals often have to carry their belongings in a rucksack, which has to be carried by them during the trek. Packing light is essential while travelling to such places to visit in India, to help you trek uphill and downhill quickly.

On the other hand, a trip to any hill station provides the liberty of packing lightly or heavily, as the bags don’t have to be physically borne during travel.

  1. Toiletries

Individuals often miss out on packing essential toiletries required to meet basic hygiene requirements. Toothbrush and toothpaste usually come under this category, forcing individuals to buy spare items from the nearest retail shops from the place of travel.

To avoid such hassles, it is advisable to pack a spare brush and toothpaste in your bag beforehand. Additionally, ensure you carry wet wipes and sanitizer while travelling to places with extreme temperatures, as using water might be difficult.

  1. Domestic travel insurance plan

Additionally, individuals should also avail a domestic holiday cover to ensure financial protection and emergency assistance facility in the event of any mishaps. Such assistance is useful in case of cancellation of hotel or flight bookings, leaving an individual stranded in an unknown place.

Emergency hotel booking with partnered hotels, travel assistance, etc. can be availed through such insurance policy. Cash advances (without any interest charges) and on-road assistance are also provided to policyholders respectively.

You can also enjoy coverage up to the sum insured to pay for hospitalisation expenses as well, in case of accidents on the trip. Complimentary baggage protection against all belongings is also available.

Individuals should make a checklist of all items they deem essential for optimal packing. This ensures they don’t miss out on any essentials, which might cause inconvenience while on the trip. Packing in accordance with the place of travel and nature of a trip to any of the famous places in India along with a domestic travel insurance policy for reduced mental strain helps individuals enjoy their vacation to the fullest.

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