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We give a full advertising solution including e-commerce, SEO & SEM, digital PR, community management, branding and e-reputation. E-commerce: During the last years, E-commerce has rapidly grown in China because of the internet penetration in the Chinese lifestyle. We’ve developed many successful e-commerce jobs in various market sectors. We provide a complete e-commerce solution including consulting, market examination, set up the website, store design, platform promotion and management.

We are an advertising company that is aware of Chinese consumers and exactly how they use Chinese language social media systems such as Weibo, Wechat, Forums and youku. Because of our huge expertise, we know how to raise the occurrence of companies and brands in China.

Chinese language consumers have included internet sites in their lifestyle, and they utilize them for entertainment also for communication. Therefore, companies will need to have occurrence on those social media platforms to be able to reach an enormous audience and attract them. We will setup an official bill of your organization or your brand on each interpersonal media program with desire to to connect and connect to Chinese consumers. Furthermore, we will design different marketing promotions to activate consumers on Weibo and Wechat

E-reputation: In China, online reputation is essential because Chinese language consumers provide a huge importance to companies’ reputation. We realize how to boost your reputation in the Asian large and we’ve the knowledge to regulate the negative responses about your company as well as your products.

Press Relationships: From the creation of pr announcements we’re able to improve your occurrence in China by dispersing that content on the very best Chinese marketing sites matching to your business.

Marketing Excitement: Viral marketing has an enormous importance in the Asian large because Chinese language consumers are incredibly sensitive from what makes a excitement. We design and produce the Hype strategy and we also diffuse it in the United States.

Videos & Photographs: We create high quality videos and images. We’ve a professional and certified creation team who’s in a position to produce attractive and beautiful videos and photographs. When you have a project in China, if you wish to receive more info about the marketplace, please contact us absolutely help achieve success in the Chinese market.

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