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The 5 Questions You Need to Ask Before Selling Your Home


The process of selling a house is not as simple as just listing the property and waiting for buyers to start making offers. There are a number of factors that can influence whether the house will get sold and how much it will fetch.

After selling your house, you will need another place to stay. If you need a bigger space, you can choose the wide variety of villas for sale in Dubai. On the other hand, if you require a smaller space than a villa but bigger than an apartment, there are numerous townhouses for sale in Dubai. Also, you can check out new projects by Meraas which are offered at affordable prices.

To help you go through the selling process successfully, here is a list of questions you should ask yourself:

i. Can I afford it?

Even though you are going to receive money after the sale of your home, there are a lot of expenses involved in the process. Some cost such as agents’ commissions are obvious but there are other expenses that you should consider such as staging, professional photography and landscaping. These expenses are mostly overlooked.

ii. What do I need to disclose to buyers?

Although you may want to present your house in the best way that will fetch top dollar, it is good to disclose some of the flaws to buyers. The seller is required to disclose known facts about the property such as the existence of dangerous conditions, lawsuits or any other factors that can influence the buyer’s decision.

iii. Should I hire a home inspector?

Most buyers insist on home inspections before they buy the property. However, as a seller you should hire a home inspector to do a pre-inspection. This will help you to identify problems even before listing the property and present it with a clean bill of health. A pre-inspection is a selling point, especially if the house is old.

iv. Which parts of the house will get more attention?

There are specific areas in the house such as the living room, kitchen and bathroom that most buyers focus on. Even if you don’t have enough money to stage the whole house, you can just concentrate on these areas.

v. What items should I leave behind?

It is your ultimate decision on what items you should leave behind after selling the house. So, in the contract, make sure you have indicated the items that are not included in the sale. However, anything bolted on the wall or ceiling might be considered part of the house.

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