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Started to Get My Finances Straightened out

Finances Straightened

I have just now Started to get my finances straightened out, but of course it is tough for me to do it because I have a girlfriend who really likes to go out. She does not seem to care too much about other people’s money matters and it seems like a lot of girls she thinks that I am supposed to keep her entertained at all times. That is how it works, at least that is how it seems to work with a lot of girls. You are the one chasing them of course, at least I am pretty sure that I am chasing the girl. If it was the other way around, then she might be reaching in to her purse to pay for stuff on occasion. However she knows that it is not that way and she knows where my objectives are. So if I want to date her, it is going to require that I spend a good bit of money.

At any rate I am glad that the price of gas is down as much as it is. That does not help me as much as it does other people. My brother in law has a pick up truck and he drives a lot, so it was costing him a lot more money a few weeks ago than it is right now. I have a Camry and it gets pretty good gas mileage. I probably average close to 27 miles per gallon since I do a lot of highway driving and not so much city driving. Still it helps me out a good bit that gas is down to 2.40 a gallon here now. It was over a dollar higher than that back in the summer, but I guess there is too much oil on the market.

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