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Red Maeng Da Kratom For Health

Red Maeng

The existence of several types of kratom originating from several countries in Southeast Asia, namely Indonesia (Sumatra, Bali, Kalimantan), Malaysia, Thailand, Papua New Guinea makes kratom consumers need to be more familiar with the differences or similarities of these types as a reference, which is the type. kratom that best fits the user’s condition for the expected benefits, and affects the right dosage for consumption.

Because different types of kratom circulating in the market are influenced by soil elements and different humidity from the region or country of origin of kratom plant, different types of kratom are directly based on the color of the veins on kratom leaves, namely red veins, green veins, and white veins, you can find all three types in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Red vein from Thailand which is better known as Red Maeng da kratom has been able to build its value in the user community, as a premium quality kratom, with a unique name “Maeng Da” and a unique color, namely dark green with a hint of purple, and also has a strong and distinctive aroma because it has bio-active substances, namely Paynantheine, Speciociliatine and Speciogynine, different from Red vein Bali which is softer and smells good because it has different organic compound characters.

The first impression that Red Maeng Da kratom consumers will experience is that it feels faster and more durable because Red Maeng da is richer in alkaloids, so it requires a smaller amount to be consumed, as a comparison for using 4 grams of Red Maeng da kratom, then 5 grams of other types of kratom are needed.

The important thing when consuming Red Maeng da kratom or other types is to drink it on an empty stomach because the effect will be felt faster, for Maeng da kratom which is about 15-30 minutes, different if consumed after eating the effect will come after 3-4 hours, although maybe in special conditions consumers prefer to consume it after eating, of course, this is optional.

Red Maeng da kratom has several effects as a health solution:


It has become Red Maeng da’s advantage compared to other types, namely that it has a stronger analgesic function (pain reliever) that also lasts longer, there are quite a several conditions where a person needs this analgesic effect quickly, such as cancer patients, fractures, rheumatism, or after the procedure after surgery, you can rely on red maeng da, you can even say that the analgesic effect is the best from Red Maeng da kratom.


When 7-hydroxy mitragynine acts on Opiate receptors, the stimulatory effect will start to work, the user will start to be motivated mentally who is better prepared for a bigger target which is also supported with better focus ability

Relieve stress

Many stress and anxiety sufferers find it difficult mentally to get out of this condition, although this can also be caused by inappropriate thinking patterns, Red Maeng da can provide a relaxing effect, so that a person has several hours to think better with a more relaxed state about the anxiety he’s dealing with.


When this effect works, the user will feel a happier mood and increase a person’s ability to feel pleasure and become more aroused, but this effect is not as severe as that produced by marijuana or other types of narcotics.

Narcotic addict therapy

When someone is addicted to narcotics, Red Maeng da kratom will work by imitating the effects of narcotics but at a lower level, so that gradually, Red Maeng da will decrease the level of narcotic dependence, with less severe side effects.

For people with insomnia

Difficulty falling asleep when physically and mentally needing rest is a very torturous condition for the sufferer, a high dose of Red mang da is needed to make the nerves more relaxed so that the patient finds a more comfortable body condition until it is time to fall asleep and wake up refreshed

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