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Mobile Home Insurance Policy: What All Gets Covered?


Owning a mobile home has now become a revolution in Louisiana. Most homeowners prefer manufactured homes as they come in different sizes and designs, offer many options to choose from, and most importantly, they are extremely convenient for homeowners.

Buying a home is one of the greatest investments of one’s life, hence, it becomes imperative to cover your house with the best insurance policy. With the increased population of mobile homeowners, many insurance companies are coming up with policies especially dedicated to mobile home insurance in Louisiana.

While buying a mobile insurance policy, you can choose a policy type, followed by added endorsements that get added to protect items such as collectibles, jewelry, heirlooms, or any stuff that could exceed your policy limits.

Interested to know more about mobile home insurance? In this post, we’ll highlight what all gets covered under mobile home insurance in Louisiana.


Dwelling is the structure of your mobile home. When you buy mobile home insurance, this is one of those things that is usually covered by all. This part of the insurance protects the physical structure of your house. If something happens to your mobile home’s roof, for instance, your insurance company will give you finance to mend it.

Other Structures

If you are concerned about structures that are not inside your mobile house but are important to your home, then fret not! Mobile home insurance in Louisiana covers the other structures around your home too. This part of the insurance covers the physical structure of your building that stands separate from your home, like a storage shed or garage.

Personal Property

Mobile home insurance policy not only protects the structures of your home, but it also gives financial protection to whatever that is inside the home. For instance, furniture, audio equipment, smart televisions, and other belongings that are important inside a home are backed by the insurance policy. These belongings will be covered by the insurance policy in case of any damage or theft. Personal coverage also helps you replace them in case of damage.

Liability Protection

Sometimes some unforeseen things might happen in your mobile home. For example, one of your neighbors gets injured by a falling tree that stood within the boundary of your property and they ask for claims against you or sue for the damage. With this coverage, you can be protected in case someone gets injured on your property.

Medical Payments Protection

Just like liability protection protects you from your injured neighbor’s economical sues, medical payment protection will cover the cost of all the medical expenses your injured neighbor might ask from you.

Other Living Expense

There might be some circumstances due to which you may not be able to live in your mobile home due to a covered loss. In such a situation, you may have to go elsewhere to live for the time being. A mobile home insurance policy can compensate for additional expenses while you live elsewhere. For instance, in case of any structural damage to your home, mobile home insurance not only covers the structural damage but would pay for the cost of a hotel up to your coverage limit.

Isn’t it amazing to get these many aspects covered with a mobile home insurance policy! Many insurance companies provide mobile home insurance in Louisiana. Before contacting any insurance company for a mobile home insurance policy, make sure you check for available discounts. If you have taken any other insurance policy from the same insurance company, there may be possibilities that you are eligible for multi-policy discounts. You must also ask for other coverages that may be recommended based on where you put up.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose the best mobile home insurance policy near you!

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