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Kstandardasaki Ninja 300 Specifications that you need to know


If you are looking forward to buying a bike that looks more like a thing of the future rather than the normal shining bikes on the road, then Kawasaki Ninja 300 will be a perfect choice for you. Kawasaki has been known as a revolutionary company in the motorbike section as it keeps coming up with models that set a benchmark in the motorbike category. And the Kawasaki Ninja 300 also belongs to those standard bikes launched by Kawasaki. The Ninja series of Kawasaki is one of the most famous motorbike series all over the world, and we can say that the Ninja 300 is a star of this series.

From acceleration to the body frame, everything about this splendid motorbike looks like something from the future, and this is one of the main reasons why this model from Kawasaki has gained popularity among motorbike lovers in such a short span. If you are looking forward to adding this gem in your garage, then you have come to the right place.

Here, we are going to discuss the specifications of Ninja 300 in a detailed manner so that you can make a more informed decision.

The 296cc liquid cool engine of Kawasaki ninja motorcycle gives you ultimate power and control over this beast. If you are wondering about the stroke type of this bike, then you should know that it is a four-stroke parallel-twin engine that comes to 8 valves and DOHC to give you maximum power.

The maximum power of the engine is [email protected] rpm, and the maximum torque produced by the engine is around 27 [email protected] rpm. You will get six gears, and the forced lubrication system of the engine along with the stump, will make sure that the engine keeps running at its maximum efficiency without any interruption. So, you can say that both the engine and the transmission in this bike is ideal for people looking for power and complete control.

  • Safety features

There is a wide array of safety systems installed in the Kawasaki ninja motorcycle for keeping the rider completely safe while offering maximum speed and power. You can take the example of the anti-lock braking system. This advanced safety system prevents the wheels away from locking up whenever the brakes are applied. In addition to this, it also stops the bike from skidding.

Along with this, there is the availability of a slipper clutch as well. These slipper clutches become useful when there is a quick downshift of gear that results in a spinning wheel. With the help of a slipper clutch, the rider gets better control on the bike and the chances of any mishap due to a quick downshift of gear is reduced.

  • Dimensions and Capacity

Talking about the dimension and capacity of Kawasaki ninja motorcycle, the overall length of the bike is around 2015 mm, and the overall width is 715 mm. The height and the ground clearance of the bike are 1110 mm and 35 mm respectively. This means that you will have an ideal ground clearance and your feet will easily touch the ground when stretched. This will give you better control of the bike. The seat height of Ninja 300 is 785 mm, and the wheelbase is around 1045 mm.

Even the fuel tank capacity of this modern bike is amazing as you will get 17 litres capacity. So, even when you will be going for a long ride, you will just need to fill the fuel tank once and forget about it.

  • Electricals

If you choose Kawasaki ninja motorcycle as your ride, then you will get pass light, Automatic Headlamp On, speedometer, trip meter, odometer, and fuel gauge. All these meters will be available in the analogue model, and that’s why keeping a track on the readings will not be very difficult for you. You will also get single-channel ABS and LED tail light.

  • Tyres and Breaks

Talking about the front break, you will get a single 290mm petal disc, dual-piston brake system while in the rear brake, you will get a single 220mm petal disc, dual-piston system. Both the breaks are highly reliable, and you can trust them even while touching the maximum speed limit on the bike.

Even in the case of tires, you will get the best in Ninja 300. The front tyre is a 110/70-R17 M/C 54H while the back tire is 140/70-R17 M/C 66H. And since both the tires are tubeless, you will never have to worry about repair shops on a long drive.

The Ninja 300 is undoubtedly a beast in the motorbike category as it offers you a perfect balance of speed, power, and control. If you are looking forward to making Ninja 300 as a part of your garage and getting it delivered to your doorstep then visit the official website of Venom Motorsports and grab the most amazing deal for your dream bike.

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