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How to Purchase Custom Printed Lanyards

printed lanyards

Lanyards are great for events, conventions and trade shows. They are used to hold badges and other items. You can purchase them in bulk or customize them by printing your logo on them. You can also add a QR code or other information to the lanyard. Here are some tips on how to purchase custom printed lanyards:

Decide what type of lanyard you want

There are several different types of lanyards available at most office supply stores. Some are made of cloth while others are made of plastic or metal. You’ll also have to decide whether you want a breakaway or adjustable lanyard.

Choose the colour of your lanyard

Lanyards come in many different colours and styles, but you should choose one that matches the logo on your badge. If you don’t have a logo yet, then choose a colour that coordinates with your company’s branding efforts such as red for Coca-Cola or blue for McDonald’s.

Select the length of your lanyard

Lanyards can be purchased in one-foot increments from six inches all the way up to 50 feet long if necessary. It’s best to choose a length that will comfortably fit around your neck without being too lengthy.

Consider the material

The material used for your lanyard will determine how long it lasts. If you expect it to be worn everyday, you might want to choose a more durable material that won’t break as easily as silk or polyester. Nylon is a good option if you need something flexible but strong, while polyester is better suited to casual wear. If you don’t know what type of material would work best for your project, ask your supplier for recommendations based on your specifications.

Determine the number of lanyards you need

You can get single-colour or full colour custom printed lanyards in any quantity. The more you order, the cheaper they will be per unit cost.

Choose the type of lanyard you want

There are many different types of lanyards available, including adjustable and non-adjustable, breakaway and non-breakaway, woven and knit lanyards as well as paper card holders and plastic ID cards holders. The type you choose depends on what you will be using them for, but most people choose either woven or knit because they look more professional than paper card holders or plastic ID cards holders.

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