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How Can Teachers Improve Learning In Classrooms?

Teachers Classrooms

Both teachers and the students have a role to play in the learning process. Of course, students are the center of all learning activities, thus they should own their learning activities; however, teachers too should help learners achieve their goals. As educators, teachers are tasked with ensuring that learners in their hands are achieving their best. Here are some of the useful tips that you can use to increase student achievement:

Align instructions to learning standards

The learning experience of students is composed of learning standards. Every instruction given to students must be aligned to these standards. Teachers should ensure that the instructions are clear. It is equally important to ensure that the learning standards of the task are measurable. Providing a rubric is also a way of giving students the power to assess their work.

Include formative assessment

As you continue with your teaching and learning activities, you must ensure that you assess learners’ progress. Don’t wait until the end of the term to assess the learners. You might be shocked that their understanding of the unit taught was different from what you expected. Therefore, regular formative assessments are an important tool that will help you to measure understanding of key topics taught.

Provide valuable feedback

If there is one ingredient that students need to succeed in their studies, then it has to be feedback. Students will never know their mistakes if they are not highlighted by the teacher. The assumption that they are doing the right thing shouldn’t be taken by teachers. It is important to assess every work of a learner and provide valuable feedback that will help them improve their performance. The feedback should be regular and informative.

Promote collaboration

Peer-to-peer collaboration in class works much better than teacher-instructed lessons. Therefore, teachers should promote collaboration in their classrooms. There is a lot that students will learn from each other. The task of the teacher is to ensure that collaborative groups are working. This can be achieved through differentiated or mixed ability grouping. The teacher needs to examine an ideal grouping style and use it.

Keep the classroom safe

Bloom’s taxonomy identifies safety as one of the basic needs that must be met before learning takes place. Teachers must ensure a classroom is a safe place for all learners. Classroom rules should be favorable to all learners to keep them safe. A teacher can also do a ACLS PALS course to attend to health emergencies in class.

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