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Essential Services That Most Businesses Outsource


Outsourcing seems to be the buzzword of this decade, and hiring third party specialists is an integral component to running a successful business in this modern age. There are two main reasons why a company would outsource services; they do not have the necessary resources, or the third-party provider is a cheaper solution, and here are just some of the essential services that a company might outsource to a local provider.

  • Logistics – Many online retailers outsource their picking, packing and delivering to a 3PL provider, which frees up valuable human resources and allows the staff to focus on improving customer service. If you are an online retailer who is based in Australia, check out FCB Logistics, who have the know-how and the resources to handle any logistics operation. Some retailers do not have warehouse space, and they send their products and packaging to the 3PL company who handle everything.
  • IT Services – Of course, every company must have data protection, as well as regular backup services to ensure that their confidential data remains secure. The bigger the business, the more IT services that ned to be covered, and as a business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your company is IT security compliant.
  • Building Maintenance – Every business premises requires a level of building maintenance, with climate control and waste collection both high on the list of services needed. Most companies will source a local builder and ask them to visit periodically to carry out necessary repairs, while regular roof inspections are also advised.
  • Accounting – While medium to large companies might have their own accounting department, smaller businesses will enlist the help of a local chartered accountant, who would do the bookkeeping and fill in the annual tax returns. Larger businesses would likely have a legal and accounting team to handle all bookkeeping, and would use them for all accounting and taxation.
  • Marketing – A good digital marketing plan is essential if you want to create and maintain a strong online presence, and while some firms would have their own marketing department, smaller enterprises would hire a marketing agency for their promotional planning. Without digital marketing, you will have an uphill struggle to carve out your market share, as so many of your rivals will be employing digital marketing professionals to help with their marketing.
  • Security – Every business premises needs a certain level of security, whether it be CCTV monitoring or a manned 24-hour presence, and this is something to outsource to a local security company. Most providers would have the ideal solution, whether manned or unmanned, and if you run a retail outlet, they can also set up CCTV within the store.

Without outsourcing, many small enterprises simply couldn’t survive, and there is an army of third-party specialists who make their living by providing special services for small businesses. The logistics industry, in particular, is a booming concern, with so many online retailers that rely heavily on 3PL providers to pack and deliver their products.

If you need a special service, search online for a local provider who can handle the work at a price you can afford.

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