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Check these 5 things when buying a property to avoid regretting in future


The process of buying a house is very stressful, especially to first-timers. So, when they think they have found the right property, they hurriedly put an offer. A recent report showed that most home buyers spend less than 30 minutes viewing a house before making an offer. However, due to the rush, they miss out on key details that significantly affect their life when you move in.

Most of the apartments for sale in Dubai are relatively new and offered at very affordable prices. So, if you invest in this neighborhood, you will not regret anything. Alternatively, you can invest in new projects by Meraas such as Port de la Mer which are expected to be completed soon.

Here are things most buyers regret not checking before buying a property:

i. Meet the neighbors

Even the best house can become a nightmare if the neighbors are not how you expected them to be. Therefore, before making an offer, it is advantageous to meet the neighbors beforehand. Although it is hard to know someone from a brief visit, first impression is very crucial.

ii The utilities

Another major issue that eager buyers face is getting utilities that are not functioning properly. Plumbing is a major concern and most homeowners wish they had taken more to check on water pressure in taps, toilet flush and shower. Make sure that everything is working fine. Apart from plumbing, other important elements that most buyers forget to check out include the central heating system and electrical components. Click on this URL to learn more:

iii. Checking for security

Security should be a major consideration for every home buyer even though others forget to check. Besides your own safety, some insurers will not cover your home if it does not meet basic security standards. Check on all the doors and windows to ensure that the locks are working.

iv Spending time in the area

Nowadays, life is very busy and the only time you might be able to visit a property is at a certain time. For instance, the house and the neighborhood can appear flawless when you visit during mid-morning. However, when you move in, you will be surprised that there is heavy traffic during rush hours.

v The contract

Real estate transactions are not simple and involve a lot of paperwork. Also, depending on the type of transaction, there might be numerous rules and regulations involved. For instance, the property may be located in a homeowners association where there are strict rules to follow.

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