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A designer’s guide to colorful poster printing

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Most teenagers have posters hanging on the walls of their rooms. For some, it may be the king of pop Michael Jackson, some may like the action heroes, uptown funky bands or the wrestling stars. But have you ever wondered how these lively looking posters end up on your wall? How they made their way from the computer screens to the A4 sized area on your wall? The answer is colorful poster printing.

Colorful poster printing is not only used to print out life sized posters to embrace the rooms of teenagers, they are also used in election campaigns, parties, corporate events, and other occasions. You yourself can print lovely posters with just a little knowledge of colorful poster printing. Set up your printer, put on your designer’s hat, and give the poster printing a go.

Here are the basics of colorful poster printing:


Always and always design in CMYK. by default, most of the designs are set in RGB color mode. RGB color mode is good for digital designs and illustrations but when you need a print of your designs then always use CMYK color mode. You can easily change the color mode by going to the image setting in photoshop, illustrator, and Corel draw.

If the design has already been developed and you just need to print the design then you first need to convert the image or the design to CMYK color mode. By converting the RGB image to CMYK image you would notice that the green and blue hues in the design have gone abrupt and seem quite lifeless. To rectify this use the Gamut feature. The Gamut feature can highlight the colors well and give a well proportioned appearance to your design.

Use vectors whenever possible

When it comes to printing vectors are the most useful tool. Vectors are the friend of every digital illustrator and designer. Adobe illustrator is a good example of a vector based program. Using a vector based program will give your design crisper edge, sharp refinements, and compress the file to be of smaller file size.

The problem with print files is their sizes. The large file size of any print file causes a delay in rendering the image and the printing speed becomes too slow. This results in hazy and pixelated printed images. So make sure that you have set up the DPI to 300 or above for large print files. DPI here equates to the resolution of the images. Simply put in digital format the more the resolution the better the clarity and in the printed format the higher the DPI the better the image result.

If you have set the DPI to be below 300 then you are going to end up with a blurred out image. All the good quality print documents have a standard 300 DPI set to them.

Prefer litho printing

For poster printing your digital designs, you can have either litho printing or digital printing. You can also use your printer at home but they are not quite made to serve the purpose. They can complete the printing but the results would not be quite satisfactory as the litho printed colorful posters. Litho printing is done by using a set of plates that press the image on your sheet of paper. By pressing the image it superimposes the designs and its colors on the sheet of paper. They are best suited for A1 sheets and produce higher quality sheets at a much economical price. Although digital colorful poster printing is still cheaper than litho printing most people prefer litho printing over the digital printing.

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