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7 Secrets To Improve Employee Productivity In 2020

Employee Productivity

Employee productivity is a hot topic in recent years and is often misunderstood by people and they do not have a clear vision of what steps should be taken to increase employee productivity in the workplace. Moreover, with the evolving environment job-roles of an HR of a company have evolved with an additional responsibility, that is, increment in employee productivity in the workplace.

This concept does not include keeping tracks of employee’s overtime or asking them to reduce their wasted time, but it involves inspiring and motivating employees so that they provide the company with an improved set of results.

According to the dictionary definition, employee productivity is a type of metric that can aide in calculating the employee’s output on aspects like the base of the project and the time taken to complete it..

Being aware of one’s company’s employee productivity is important and is calculated by comparing work by different individuals separately and dividing them with the average of other employees performing a similar task.

The environment provides is one of the major reasons that cause decrement in productivity as according to a recent survey by DDI, 57 percentages of people left their job because of their boss. Also, more than eighty percentages of people find that diversity in a company is an important aspect of increasing innovation in the workplace. Thus, ultimately, increasing employees’ productivity.

This article suggests some methods to increase a company’s employee productivity briefly:

  1. Incorporating Technology And Updated Tools

Undoubtedly, technology has developed vastly in recent years, and to keep up in the race, a company needs to be aware of all updated technology present to elevate the company’s brand. Moreover, updated technology helps to create a healthier environment for the employees as well.

Many companies are still stuck with an outdated version of Windows XP while the world has reached updated versions of Windows 10 and Mac. Making employees work on an out-dated, slow technology can prove to be frustrating that decreases an employee’s productivity.

Furthermore, in this tech-savvy generation, a good internet facility has become a must as most of the tasks have gone online. All the e-portals developed to operate at a good pace and enhance productivity. The recent introduction of the virtual number has to turn out to be a revolutionary step in business as this facilitates employees’ to work from anywhere, thus increasing productivity.

  1. Technology and Privacy

There are many contradictory views that people have for the involvement of technology in traditional business methods. And it is rightly said that change is required for development in any field and business is no exception.

With the involvement of advanced technology like virtual phone numbers, that are provided to employees of a company, when they call an executive of other company, the privacy granted with encryption of data reflects professionalism and also shows how dedicated a company is not only to client’s privacy but for their employee’s privacy as well.

This boosts up the morale of employees and helps them in motivating them to create greater revenue for the company. Thus, it aids in increasing employees’ productivity.

  1. Workplace Environment

As important it is to keep up with technology, similar is the case with the work environment. Now, gone are the days when people were happy working in a cubicle. Nowadays, people need positivity to keep them from getting stressed and this can be by making the workplace’s environment positive by introducing minor changes like color and layout of the company’s office.

The color and layout of the office represent the soul of a company that can either make or breaks a deal. An amalgamation of technology and color scheme with the layout of the office can prove to be positive for a company as with a good environment, employees work in a workspace happily and more effectively.

  1. Office’s Outlook

Modern problems ask for a modern solution like for privacy, virtual phone numbers turned out to be a boon, in a similar pattern, different layout and arrangements like spacious hall, great furniture, technology-equipped doors and furniture, and etcetera, can aide in making employees feel valued for their time being spent at the office. According to a survey more than 50 percent of the time of an employee is spent sitting in office than at their house.

So, the company must make them feel homely. It is one of the easiest ways to invest in a company for its growth as not only the company looks professional but also boosts employees to work in a happy space that results in better employee productivity.

  1. Meeting The New Reality Of Virtual Life

There is no denying that technology has boosted itself in multiple folds and have become parts of our life. Many companies have already made peace with technology like making the introduction of virtual office technology into their offices where, every employee gets a virtual, phone number. This technology keeps the privacy of the client and employee a great concern.

Also, more than 150 billion such devices were already installed in many companies till mid of 2020, and the number is expected to double by the end of the year 2020.

This virtual reality allows employees to work in their comfort zones as they are not required to sit in one place since virtual phone numbers can work from anywhere without disclosure of anyone’s privacy an also providing features like great storage of logs and data as well.

  1. Offering Flexible Hours for Working

It has been proved by a survey that more than a quarter of employed people benefit and result better when work at their suitable timings. These flexible hours offer the creative minds of employees to work on their own. And now, with the involvement of technology, the employees can work at any time and at any place that suits them.

This has also boosted the culture of work-from-home that has helped in keeping up with different problems like parking, traffic, and etcetera.

Thus, increasing employees’ productivity by giving an ample amount of time to work from their home.

  1. Creation of Healthy Environment

Empathy has been the least valued moral ever since that has gained its meaning with time as according to research, more than 80 percentages of employees feel protected and comfortable when organizations work empathetically with them. This includes appreciation to an employee who puts extra effort to complete a task or the one who puts extra hours at work just to save the organizations’ name. These minute appreciations help in building a strong foundation for the company and make employees work harder next time.


Laconically, the best possible way to elevate employees’ productivity is by making employees feel important and at a safe place where their identity is not at risk. New technology involvement like virtual offices also boosts up morale and builds a better working environment for the employees that give good returns in the growth and productivity of the company.

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