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6 Unexpected Hazardous Materials to Look Out for in Your Next Shipment 

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Some hazardous substances are easy to spot. It is understandable, for example, why a gasoline can, a barrel of hydrofluoric acid or a fireworks crate should require special labeling and handling when shipped via a shipping company in Dubai. You can find reputable shipping companies on Shiply ready to make you an instant quote to ship your consignment,

There are however several hazardous items that are not as evident. Reporting these items to your supplier is vital so that they can be properly labeled, packaged and handled.

We will take you through a list of six surprising hazardous materials that you should be aware of.

Unexpected HazMat #1: Nail Polish and Other Cosmetics

If you are planning to ship an item that contains acetone, be sure to let your carrier know. Many companies have tried shipping products that contain acetone without announcing it. The fines could be high if discovered. The FAA proposed a $140,000 fine against a manufacturer who refused to report the nail polish and sunblock (a hazardous Class 2 material) in their air freight shipment.

Whatever the quantity, transparency is always the best bet you can make. Even when it comes to small amounts, your shipping company in Dubai will need as much information as possible to label your shipment accurately.

Unexpected HazMat #2: New Year’s Poppers

There is nothing like celebrating a new year’s first few minutes with a little party favor that casts confetti into the air. Although some of these New Year’s poppers are triggered by spring, others may contain a small amount of gunpowder.

Therefore, as you might expect, such seemingly harmless gifts will fall would into Category 1: Explosives. Any party poppers which contain small amounts of gunpowder would require special handling and paperwork if you are planning to ship them.

The same goes for cap guns, by the way, which also contains small amounts of gun powder. If you plan to include cap guns or party poppers in your shipment, make sure to let your carrier or freight forwarder know.

Unexpected HazMat #3: Whipped Cream and Other Aerosol Sprays

Whether you are shipping whipped cream, cooking spray, hair spray, spray paint, spray sunscreen, all aerosol cans fall under Class 2 of the hazardous materials table: gases.

As well as being considered and disclosed, careful packaging of aerosol cans is important. Regardless of what sort of aerosol you are planning to ship or in what quantity, you should work closely with your courier to ensure it is packed and labeled carefully.

Unexpected HazMat #4: Laundry Detergent

Nevertheless, depending on its ingredients, laundry detergent generally falls into Class 8: Corrosives. Sodium hydroxide, also known as lye, is a common ingredient that brings cleaning solutions and detergents into the list of hazardous substances. Although these items rest harmlessly on shelves above our washers and dryers, it’s important that you reveal any kind of detergents, bleaching solutions or cleaning solutions that you want to ship. Your shipping companies in UAE will assist you in ensuring that they are accurately labeled, wrapped and positioned inside the container, truck or aircraft transporting them.

Unexpected HazMat #5: Helium Tanks

Walking into a Party store and purchasing a small tank of helium is something likely common to do. Although it is simple to get these tiny helium tanks, though, it is important to recognize that they still pose a risk during shipping.

Helium tanks fall under Class 2 HazMat: Gases. Although helium is a non-flammable gas, it still needs to be declared and marked as a hazardous material so that it can be handled properly during shipment.

Unexpected HazMat #6: Rechargeable Power Drills

Rechargeable power drills, as well as computers, cell phones, cameras, and other electronic devices, could be classified as hazardous materials since they contain lithium batteries. When those batteries are broken, dropped or damaged, they can catch fire.

If you are planning to include an item with a lithium battery inside it, make sure to reveal it to your courier. Their experts will work with you to find a solution for delivering the shipment, and they will assist in wrapping and labeling it properly to ensure safe delivery.


It is important to talk to your carrier or your shipping company in Dubai about any potentially hazardous materials in your shipments. They have hazardous materials experts who are qualified to assist you to get your paperwork in order, choose the correct shipping method and properly label your shipment.

This will not only make you legal and help you avoid substantial penalties but also guarantee the safety of the crews and vessels transporting your shipment. That, also, guarantees the product is transported safely to its final destination.

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