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4 Factors to consider when choosing a PPC agency

choosing a PPC agency

It is common practice for companies to use digital marketing tools to boost sales. Outsourcing for the services of a PPC agency is similar to having an extension to the marketing department. Pay-per-click firms offer a paid promotion service by increasing the traffic towards a company’s website.

Businesses have the task of developing the goals and objectives of the marketing campaign. This creates a roadmap for the job before seeking the services of MagnifyLab.  The process of setting up an in-house agency is an expensive approach for small and medium enterprises. Being up-to-date with the changing algorithms in search engines develops the expertise in the management of pay-per-click ads. Companies are investing more in PPC agencies since it is a faster process than SEO.  PPC agencies elevate the burden in online marketing for the company to focus on growing its business.

Companies must choose an agency that can meet expectations and offer a positive return on investments. Below are a few indicators to find the right London PPC agency;


The digital marketing trade requires agencies to keep up with the trends. A team of specialized workforce will share the responsibility of getting the best in a marketing campaign. The paid search marketing specialist can manage the objectives of the client to achieve the desired results. A focus on the paid search ensures that the marketing campaign achieves its goals and objectives as set out by the client. If the company is using Google platform to run their ads, a Google certified agency is the best choice.

Honesty and Transparency

Companies need to know how a PPC agency operates its business. An estimate of the action and time to spend on a marketing campaign will project the probability of achieving success. Agencies have a moral and binding obligation to offer detailed reports and up-to-date feedback to clients. It is a must for the agencies to give the correct information on all the performance indicators. Businesses should offer an administrative officer or point of contact to oversee the progress of the campaign.

Strategy in Performance and ROI

A good PPC agency offers a variety of digital marketing services. The one-stop-shop makes use of online tools to monitor and evaluate the progress of a marketing plan. A live update on the performance of the account will give instant feedback in real-time. Businesses can use this data to convert the traffics and make sales. A company that offers complementary services like Google Analytics is in a strong position to assure a return on investments.

Knowledge of the Client’s Industry

It is important to measure the extent of knowledge that a PPC company has about your industry. A right fit would be a firm that has previous experience working for a competitor. The agency will have first-hand experience with the target market. It will be easy to know the location of potential customers and know the keywords to use.


A business portfolio is a good way to evaluate the performance and services of a PPC agency. It is wise to compare the goals of the marketing campaign to the promotional plans of the PPC agency. Choosing the right firm is critical in fulfilling the business needs.


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