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Updated October 23, 2014, 10:04 a.m. ET

FAA announces new rules for Aircraft Dispatcher Certification Courses

Operators put on notice of requirements


The Federal Aviation Administration is proposing new guidelines to operators of Aircraft Dispatcher Certification Courses.

According to a notice published by the FAA:

"The FAA has determined a need to establish formal policy related to FAA approved Aircraft Dispatcher Certification Courses, operated in accordance with 14 CFR part 65, subpart C. As of the date of this notice there are 44 FAA-approved Aircraft Dispatcher Certification Courses currently operating. The lack of FAA policy related to the approval and oversight of these courses has led to a wide range of inconsistencies with respect to individual course approvals. The new guidance clarifies the requirements found in part 65, subpart C. The FAA's determination of need to establish policy is also supported by public comment which the FAA received to draft policy changes announced in docket number FAA-2011-1149. The 2011 docket announced draft changes to FAA Order 8900.1, Volume 13, Chapter 3, which applies to Designated Aircraft Dispatcher Examiners (DADE). The 2011 draft policy introduced the FAA's proposed requirements for the content of a Statement of Graduation provided by an Aircraft Dispatcher Certification Course operator in accordance with 14 CFR 65.70(d). Public comment to these proposed requirements pointed out that policy related to Aircraft Dispatcher Certification Course operators did not belong in a policy document related to DADEs. The comments suggested that requirements for a Statement of Graduation that are incumbent upon a course operator should be established someplace other than in a policy document related to DADES. The FAA agrees that policy related to Aircraft Dispatcher Certification Course Operators needs to be established outside of the policy related to DADEs."